Top 10 July poultry news stories, blogs

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From WATTAgNet:

Find out what the ten most read poultry news stories and blogs on during the month of July.

1. Fieldale feed mill explosion damages building, burns man

A Fieldale Farms feed mill was badly damaged and one employee received third-degree burns in an explosion during the morning of July 11. 

2. Millennials and livestock: A mindset worth changing

Millennials believe they are self-experts, explained Richard Kottmeyer, senior managing partner with Farm to Fork Advisory Services, LLC at the 2017 Chicken Marketing Summit in Asheville, North Carolina on July 17.

3. 3 poultry health risks when antibiotics aren’t used

The production of broilers without the use of antibiotics is a rapidly growing trend, but cutting antibiotic use does have its drawbacks, said Matthew Salois, director of global scientific affairs and policy for Elanco.

4. 7 habits of successful broiler producers

Would you like to know why one broiler producer is profitable while another barely breaks even? Here are the seven most common habits of successful producers.  

5. EU launches new antimicrobial resistance action plan

A new action plan to address antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been announced by the European Commission (EC). 

6. BLOG: US shift to cage-free eggs causing market disruption

Terrence O’Keefe: If retailers are going to take away consumer choice, they will neet to set up and keep interim goals for cage-free egg sales to avoid a major supply mess.

7. BLOG: Animal rights activists, NRA use similar tactics

Roy Graber: The animal rights lobby and the National Rifle Association may not seem to have much in common, but a former executive with Tyson Foods sees a striking similarity.

8. BLOG: An egg is an egg, right?

Benjamín Ruiz: We have seen the egg in the center of the debate: cholesterol, cages , consumption recommendations, etc. However, the truth is that there is ignorance of this product in many areas. 

9. Hillandale loses barn, more than 100,000 hens in fire

Hillandale Farms lost a barn and more than 100,000 hens in a fire that occurred July 1 at a Hillandale Facility in Tyrone Township, Pennsylvania.  

10. Poultry farm work helped launch stellar rodeo career

Roy Graber: Rodeo may be a sport that evolved from skills associated with cattle production, but for one of the sport’s most decorated cowboys of the past decade, it was work at a poultry farm that helped him become the success he is today. 

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