The global egg industry must build on its momentum

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At the International Egg Commission (IEC) meeting, in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, on April 3, David Hughes from Imperial College London once again showed his skills in analyzing markets. He spoke about the implications of consumers’ decisions can have on the egg industry and the megatrend toward vegetable proteins.

But, what is the egg industry doing about it? The fact that some governments promote eating less meat for a healthier style, such as in Europe or China, is good news for eggs.

Recently, in certain markets, the egg has done very well. It has an aura of goodness, which also represents good news. It has gone from being a food that was forbidden to one that is recommended, even by professional organizations, whose approval is significant.

Better marketing needed

Eggs are perceived as a superfood. But Hughes believes that from a marketing standpoint, this opportunity is being wasted. He gave several examples, but one of the clearest was the photographs of how bad eggs on display in supermarkets look compared with other products. Hughes said the Western world should learn from China, where eggs are displayed at supermarket shelves in a more attractive way.

On the other hand, Charles Spence of the University of Oxford, in the U.K., asked the audience what can be done to improve the appearance of how the eggs are displayed. He was referring in particular to the multisensory experience.

At sight in the supermarket, eggs are disorganized and unattractive. The use of the consumer’s senses should be…

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