The ‘dark side’ of caged hens (and their eggs)

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The struggle to free hens from cages, decrease sustainability and increase the cost of eggs to make them less accessible to the low-income population continues without truce.

Several international hotel chains, such as Hyatt or Marriott have announced their decision to enter “modern times” and either through pressure from animal rights groups or marketing, or both, they will source only cage-free eggs for the restaurants of their hotels. (So far, I do not know from which sources).

But, guess what! There is one Mexican hotel chain – Grupo Posadas – that to date has ignored the request of the animal rights groups. Then came the pressure. Not conviction, but pressure. They put a website with the name of the company supplemented with “cruel.”

I gave myself the task of browsing the video that is shown. It starts with the disgusting image the Posadas logo dripping blood, giving the idea that they are murderers. Can you legally use a logo like that? A dirty layer farm can be seen (as if that were a common thing), in the dark (as if it were bad that hens had their darkness period every day), and to increase the sinisterness, a horror movie music.

But what is funny is that they say that Posadas has a “dark side” to their business. Are they sneaking around to go buy eggs to give breakfast to their guests? Do a little research and you can see that they have used the same video, only changing the name of the company, for all those companies that have refused. It seems that everyone has their dark side, even after they “reconsider” (like the Mexican Pastelería Lety). Is it worth giving in to the requests if the video will remain uploaded on YouTube?

Putting hens in cages is not a crime, nor is it done to mistreat. Nor are Hyatt, Marriott or Posadas guilty for purchasing eggs from top-quality suppliers; they are not murderers or poultry abusers.

How long will it be before they understand that a battered, neglected or dirty hen does not produce what it should produce?

I don’t think it is the right way to do things. What do you think?

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