SPACE celebrates 30th anniversary in 2017

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SPACE will celebrate its 30th year in 2017 at the Rennes Exhibition Centre in France, September 12-15. SPACE is the key event reflecting the fluctuations of the European and global markets, serving the exhibitors, the visitors and in particular the farmers who attend to discover new products and services.

Pig production has been showing improvement in the past few months, resulting in an increase in the number of exhibitors involved in the pig sector this year. The poultry sector, however, has been severely impacted by the recent, ongoing episode of avian flu. It is also faced with a major future challenge which will require compliance with new standards, and changes needed to meet consumer demand for cage-free eggs. The dairy sector is undergoing restructuring and suffering from price levels that are too low to enable farmers to cover their costs or make investments. In an ever-changing environment requiring agility and quick adjustments on the part of farmers, SPACE responds to these needs by providing cutting-edge solutions for our industry.

The expo will provide the opportunity for discussion, debate and reflection on the challenges ahead for the livestock sector, as well as a unique showcase for innovations.


Once again, Innov’Space will address the strong demand of visitors who are looking to discover new products and services.

Since 1995, a large number of prize-winners exhibitors have been able to promote their new products in excellent conditions, thanks to the Innov’Space award. The Innov’Space award is a sales advantage, and prize-winners have reaped the benefits of large repercussions in the French and international press.

Research and Development Village updated

In 1993, SPACE wanted to set up an area that would showcase the expertise and focus on the future issues and challenges for the livestock sector. The resulting Research and Development Village was run by the Chambers of Agriculture. Over the years, this village has become one of the most important features of the expo, with more than 15,000 visitors going there every year. In order to strengthen its status as part of SPACE, increase its appeal and rejuvenate its identity, the Research and Development Village has been renamed the Espace for the Future. The Espace for the Future will focus this year on the theme “robotics for farmers.”

How can robots work for farmers and provide useful data? How can the development of robotics increase the appeal of farming in rural territories? All of these issues will be addressed and demonstrated in surprising ways at the Espace for the Future, for cattle, pig and poultry farming. Farmers will provide valuable examples about the technical and financial impact of using robots.

When and where

SPACE 2017

September 12-15, 2017

Rennes Exhibition Centre

Rennes, France

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