South Korea testing shipments of US egg products

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Ivaylo Georgiev,

Egg producers in the United States were recently notified that South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) will be testing five consecutive shipments of U.S. egg products, including table eggs, liquid whole eggs, liquid egg whites, liquid yolks, dried whole eggs, dried whites, dried yolks and pidan.

Testing is occurring on both egg products that are produced domestically, as well as those that are imported.

MFDS began testing European egg products on August 8, as the European egg industry has been mired in a scandal in which laying hens from certain farms in the Netherlands and surrounding region had been illegally treated with Fipronil.

After a domestic Korean egg incident, MFDS has expanded testing for 27 pesticides to all imported egg products.

To date, according to an August 23 notice from the American Egg Board, no violations have been found. If no violations of the U.S. shipments are found once testing is completed, MFDS will stop testing U.S. shell eggs and egg products.

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