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At 142 years old, it is no surprise that Poultry World has changed periodically throughout its history.

Many readers will remember it being a weekly publication; it is unlikely any will remember it being known as The Fanciers’ Gazette, having changed its name in 1906.

Poultry World’s reputation for independent journalism, market reporting and practical farm advice from experts in the field has seen it thrive where other publications have failed.

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Now, after extensive research, we have decided to invest in its future to maintain that position.

Poultry World is going global, taking advantage of experts across our publishing group, we are combining with the team that currently produces World Poultry which has a circulation of more than 30,000 across the world.

Online and in print

We will be introducing our own website, which will be the best online resource for keeping up to date with the British and international poultry sector.

In print, the magazine will grow in size, and take on a more global outlook.

The reasoning behind this is straightforward. The poultry sector is not restrained just to the UK, and the more advance notice of international developments, the faster your business can react to change.

International developments

Take, for example, American retailers’ new stance on caged hens, or antibiotics. Both undoubtedly have influenced, and will continue to challenge, the way things are done on British farms.

Across Europe pressure from NGOs and politicians are driving changes to welfare legislation, such as individual German states unilaterally banning beak trimming.

Most crucial of all is avian influenza. It does not recognise borders and the more knowledge that the industry can arm itself with, the better. We aim to deliver this and more.

UK news

Rest assured, though, that we will not neglect the UK industry. Poultry World will continue to be the best source of independent British market data, analysis and trends.

It will also remain the best source of UK news, and with a dedicated website, we hope to share more information as and when it happens.

Finally, we ask for your support through this change. Significant time and resource is being spent on getting this right, but we will undoubtedly have room for improvement.

That is where you come in – any feedback about the proposals would be more than welcome, and seriously considered. Here’s to the next 142 years.


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