Opal Foods egg farm suffers severe storm damage

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From WATTAgNet:

Opal Foods recently suffered significant losses as a result of a storm that hit its egg operations in Neosho, Missouri.

The company lost three poultry houses to straight-line winds that hit on April 4. An estimated 600,000 chickens inside those houses were also lost, according to Nextar Broadcasting report.

It is estimated that it will cost about $2.4 million to replace the lost structures and an additional $4 million to replace the lost hens.

Opal Foods is a business that was created in 2014by private equity fund AGR Partners, which acquired Moark’s Midwest operations. According to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database, the company’s flock consisted of 5.6 million hens at the end of 2016. Opal Foods ranks 17th among U.S. egg companies in terms of flock size.

Opal Foods suffers millions of dollars in tornado damage

Opal Foods in south Neosho lost three poultry houses to straight-line winds Tuesday night.

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