Novogen continues its development within the Groupe Grimaud

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Given the close ties and synergies between the companies, the Groupe Grimaud’s sale of Hubbard has raised a number of questions among Novogen’s clients. We therefore believe it would be useful to confirm the Groupe Grimaud’s commitment to continuing Novogen’s development and providing innovative solutions to the egg industry.

Since it was established in 2008, Novogen has experienced sustained growth. In less than 10 years, it has become one of the market leaders, thanks to a strong product range as a result of its innovative R&D.

Novogen was in fact the first to select animals in collective cages. It was also at the forefront of RFID technologies to select the animals closest to field conditions. Its original genomic program also significantly speeds up the genetic progress.

Under the leadership of Mickael Le Helloco, the company is now entering a new phase of development. Its size now gives the company the resources to stand on its own feet and continue to distribute the Novo White and Novo Brown breeders in Europe, the United States and Brazil.

In full agreement with Hubbard’s new shareholder, a transition period will ensure that services will continue seamlessly and the future company can be organized effectively. With the Groupe Grimaud’s backing, Novogen will continue to invest strongly in its R&D, piloted by Thierry Burlot and his team.

The company’s technical sales team is putting in place new resources and Christophe Paté has taken over responsibility for all of the sales partnership worldwide.

Two new subsidiaries are being set up to focus on the American markets: Novogen LLC and Novogen Do Brazil. These subsidiaries will be responsible for delivering breeders and ensuring services continue seamlessly.

Major distribution agreements are currently being finalized.

Frédéric Grimaud stated: “I am very confident in Novogen’s future, as we are committed to support its growth. Our aim is to make it the world’s leading egg selection brand.”

Mickael Le Helloco stated: “A new chapter is beginning for Novogen. It will help us step up our development and continue to provide cost-effective solutions for the egg industry. The entire team is looking forward to the future more than ever and determined to achieve our goals.”

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