New hatchery in Guangdong, China, hosts Jamesway Incubator Company

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Some of Jamesway’s senior management team visited the new CP Zhanjiang turnkey hatchery in Guangdong Province in South-East China in June. Hosted by Lai Ping Sheng, General Manager of CP Zhanjiang, JW President Christopher Omiecinski and Manager of Asia Pacific Sales, Ignacio Navarro, were able to tour the first of a two stage project for a new hatchery producing Cobb-500 bred birds. The heat and humidity in Guangdong province presented some interesting challenges for the development and implementation team, but the Platinum machines had no problem performing in these conditions and the inclusion of Jamesway’s HatchVAC systems ensured a perfect harmony between machine and environment. The first leg of the project included 18 Platinum P80 incubators and 6 P40 hatchers.

The operation pulled its first hatch in January and has been very satisfied with the result. “We knew that the temperature and humidity here would be a challenge, but Jamesway helped us to make sure that we had the right layout and controls for this operation. We are very happy with the results” said Lai Ping Sheng.

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