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Why is this egg stuck?

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Why is this egg stuck? Photo: Marcel Berendsen

This egg is left in the tray after processing these trays, because it is stuck in there. Glued to the plastic tray.

Content of the egg (yolk of albumen) has run in between the egg and the plastic tray. When this dries out, it acts as glue. This glue is strongest when they are in the tray for more than 24 hours. The cause is often egg white from another egg that broke during collection, but it could also originate from a leaker in the tray above.

Remove leakers and clear cracks during collection, because you do not only lose this leaking egg, but also the eggs that the content drips on. Egg can also break in the tray when the tray size doesn’t fit the egg. Large eggs should always be place on the top trays.

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