Let’s make the egg go viral

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A few days ago, a discussion broke out on social networks in Spain (which surely also has been seen in many other countries) because of a tweet (OMG!, today’s all-powerful tweets) by nutritionist María Merino, in which, with a photo of a boy eating chickpeas, she said that her son does not know what a cookie is and that he is happy eating chickpeas.

There were reactions of all sorts, although most were unjustified criticism and not wanting to listen to a nutrition professional. Of course, I applaud Maria’s decision and her subsequent defense, as opposed to the sugary “foods” so popular for breakfast.

Let’s popularize eggs. Let’s make them go viral.

Maria does not defend — nor does she attack — the importance of breakfast as a first meal of the day, at least in the sense of forcing a child to eat something. I do defend it, perhaps because of the habit of having a good hearty breakfast everyday, with fruit, beans, bread or corn tortillas and of course eggs. I always wake up hungry and with noisy guts.

Good for the legumes (in this case, chickpeas), but what about the egg? A lot of the people in the world forget this wonderful and economical food for breakfast (or lunch or dinner). Spain is a country with a consumption of 254 eggs per person, per year. Not bad, but there is still a potential of about 110 eggs difference of the consumption of Mexico to grow.

Let’s popularize eggs. Let’s make them go viral in social networks with “true” truths (worth the redundancy) and not false truths, and let’s make breakfast viral. What do you think?

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