Kentucky has second avian flu detection

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Kentucky has reported its second case of low pathogenic H7N9 avian influenza.

Dr. Bradley Keogh, Kentucky deputy state veterinarian, said in an April 4 telephone interview that the virus was found a flock of about 2,700 free-range layers. The birds were being raised by a contract grower for a free-range egg company.

Kentucky’s first case of avian influenza was detected in March in a flock of 22,000 layer hens at a farm in Christian County. The second case, also located in Christian County, was detected during surveillance of zone established after the first avian influenza case was confirmed.

The free-range egg farm has been depopulated, Keogh said, and cleaning and disinfection procedures have begun.

A second 10-kilometer zone has been established, and surveillance of that area has been completed with favorable results.

“Both zones should be clear. There’s no subsequent positive within that additional surveillance zone,” said Keogh.

Kentucky growers well aware of biosecurity protocols

While Keogh is not ruling out the possibility of further avian influenza detections in the state, he and the staff at the Kentucky Office of the State Veterinarian has been encouraged by the way the state’s poultry producers have been practicing good biosecurity.

“The company was very compliant and very good to work with, as was the grower,” he said. “The commercial industry is very, very aware of the risks here, but the small-scale producers are really aware of the risks and the biosecurity, especially when it’s been detected.”

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