Iowa State study finds ADM flaxseed oil more efficient at enriching egg yolks

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A recent study conducted at Iowa State University finds Archer Daniels Midland Company’s flaxseed oil twice as efficient at enriching egg yolks with omega-3 fatty acids when compared to that of whole, ground flaxseed.

Researchers arrived at this conclusion after examining the egg production, feed intake and egg weight of three distinct groups of laying hens. These groups included a control group placed on a diet without flaxseed oil, a group fed a diet of feed enriched with ADM’s flaxseed oil, and a final group given feed mixed with whole, ground flaxseed. After eight weeks, researchers determined that ADM’s flaxseed oil transferred the omega-3 fatty acids from the feed to the egg yolk two times more efficiently than whole, ground flaxseed.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this study,” said Dr. Kristjan Bregendahl, poultry technical manager for ADM Animal Nutrition. “By using ADM’s flaxseed oil, egg producers will now be able to improve the efficiency of their feed without compromising the omega-3 content of their eggs.”

“ADM is always looking for ways to better serve our customers and improve their bottom line,” said John O’Donnell, commercial manager at ADM’s flax and canola processing facility in Red Wing, Minnesota “This study proves customers who use ADM’s flaxseed oil can save money by providing their flock with an effective ration that delivers the same results.”

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