Fipronil found in German liquor, bakery products

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German officials have found traces of Fipronil in egg-based liquor Advocaat, as well as other products containing eggs. | Naltik, Bigstock

From WATTAgNet:

Traces of Fipronil have been detected in a variety of products that contain eggs in Germany, including bakery products and an egg-based liquor known as Advocaat.

Testing of a variety of food and beverage products that contain eggs began in August, following the detection of Fipronil residues in eggs. German officials expect to have the results of more than 800 food products that were tested by the end of the month.

Food safety leaders in Germany and other European countries have been on alert since July, when eggs from seven producers in the Netherlands were recalled after residues of Fipronil, a pesticide that is illegal for use in poultry involved in food production, were found. The recall expanded to eggs from several hundred producers.

Fipronil-tainted eggs have been detected in numerous countries since that time, with Bulgaria being one of the most recent countries to report the problem. In September, about 215,500 eggs that had traces of Fipronil were discovered at a warehouse and in shops in Plovdiv, the country’s second-largest city.

Two men from the Netherlands have been arrested in connection with the Fipronil scandal. Vytenis Andriukaitis, European commissioner for heath and food safety has vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. “We will remain extremely vigilant and will not tolerate that actions of few people put in question the integrity, the reputation and the stability of our entire food chain, one of the economic pillars of the union,” the commissioner said.

‘Egg scandal’ insecticide found in bakery products, advocaat: report

According to a report published in the Süddeustche Zeitung on Tuesday, the insecticide Fipronil – first found in eggs in July – has made its way further into the food chain.

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