Farmer Boys completes cage-free egg transition

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Farmer Boys restaurants completed its transition to cage-free California eggs across all of its locations in just under one year.

Farmer Boys established a goal in early 2016 for its eggs to be 100 percent cage-free. The swift transition to all cage-free eggs was achieved through close collaboration with Hickman’s Family Farms, its longtime egg supplier.

“Our transition to cage-free eggs reinforces our commitment to quality,” Kristy Foster, Farmer Boys’ vice president of supply chain and research & development, said in a press release. “Farmer Boys will continue to evolve its menu to meet the needs of our customers and provide the tastiest, farm fresh experience.”

Farmer Boys’ announcement includes shell eggs, hard-boiled, and liquid eggs used in recipes. Farmer Boys has been hand cracking eggs and cooking breakfast to order since 1981. Following the introduction of all day breakfast in 2008, Farmer Boys now hand cracks over 17 million eggs annually.

Founded and headquartered in Riverside, California, Farmer Boys operates 89 restaurants in California and Nevada.

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