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Throughout 2017, WATT Global Media is celebrating 100 years serving professionals working in global poultry production and processing, and the animal agriculture industry.

Watt Publishing Co., was originally incorporated July 6, 1917, as the Poultry Tribune Company by founders J.W. Watt and Adon A. Yoder. In 1929, the company name was changed from Poultry Tribune Company to Poultry-Dairy Publishing Company, and in 1944 the corporate name was changed to Watt Publishing Company. To recognize the spectrum of media channels offered across online, live events and magazines to its global audience, the company was rebranded as WATT Global Media in 2014.

Far from the hum and buzz of the metropolitan centers, WATT Publishing Co. was founded in the rural Midwestern town of Mount Morris, Illinois, on the campus of an old college. J.W. and Adon started the company in the historic Sandstone building, which was erected when Lincoln was president and which was home for the Watt corporate offices until 2007 when the company moved to Rockford, Illinois.

Be sure to check out our “100-Year History of WATT Publications” infographic, which features original magazine cover images from the beginning of WATT’s publishing days, starting with the very first WATT-produced issue of Poultry Tribune in September 1917. This graphic visually connects the evolution and varied history of some of the industry’s most significant magazines of their time.

See a century of animal agriculture magazines designed to meet the ever-changing needs of readers, starting in 1917 with Poultry Tribune, “America’s Leading Poultry Farmer Magazine” for poultry raisers evolve throughout the past 100 years. Though magazine formats, topics and titles have changed throughout the decades, the comprehensive articles, expert insights, opinions and analysis on the industry’s most pressing issues are still featured today in WATT Global Media’s international animal agriculture and pet food industry publications.

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