EggsCargoSystem clarification on Sanovo and Giordano joint venture

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Recently Sanovo Technology Group from Denmark announced they have become minority shareholder in the capital of Giordano Poultry Plast from Italy. Naturally, we congratulate both. Since the picture used in the press release suggests that Sanovo is involved in the EggsCargoSystem as well, we want to clarify this.

The joint-venture between Sanovo and Giordano concerns new logistic developments for the poultry industry.

We explicitly want to emphasize that the EggsCargoSystem is and will be exclusively sold and distributed by Twinpack Special Products B.V. from Barneveld in The Netherlands. Naturally, to be present in the emerging markets, we maintain to collaborate with our reliable partners and agents. Look for them on our website. If we as Twinpack recognize market synergy with Sanovo regarding our system, without infringing any cooperation with existing customers, partners and agents, we will of course investigate these joint opportunities.

It is our company’s DNA to successfully cooperate with all companies worldwide, for whom the EggsCargoSystem is of added value.

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