Ruwan Berculo – Enough is enough?!


The French would absolutely agree: un oeuf is un oeuf! And all the non-French who get a freshly baked croissant every morning at the boulangerie in their holiday village and buy some fresh eggs for breakfast know the meaning of an “oeuf”.

We love them, we produce them, we trade them, all over the world. But what do we really know about them? By far not enough, would Dr. Piet Simons, Dutch by nature and truly the world’s Mr. Egg, probably argue. And what’s more relevant…. Do our egg farmers know enough about eggs? They are the ones who produce this unique and delicious cannot-be-missed food item.

During my visit to Rwanda last October I met a very passionate egg producer, just 100 km outside of the Capital city of Kigali. It’s probably my low level of expectations about the quality of farming in Africa. I was greatly  surprised. Jean Baptist’s eggs were equally bright in colour, uniform by size and the shell felt just perfect. A day later I met with this beautiful young lady, named Scovia. Following a contest she won a 10,000 USD-cheque, serving as a fund to start her layer farm. Her story, and likewise her eggs, was quite different. Size, colour, brightness… a person with serious mood swings would experience less variety in a day compared to what she achieved with her eggs. And next, her layers did not even produce an egg every day… This ambitious young farmer clearly is in need of some quality knowledge. During the following days I met a lot more farmers who did not quite meet the standard of Jean Baptist’s eggs.

Next to Africa, in the many other countries in Asia, Latin America and Middle East I travel for VIV, I get to meet farmers who face significant challenges to increase egg quantity and quality. Closer to home, lots of chances are ahead of us to optimize the nutritional value of our eggs. In short, knowledge is needed everywhere. That must have urged Dr. Piet Simons to say “enough is enough”! And that’s why, just before he turns 80 in age (he feels much younger in spirit), Piet published his latest book “Egg signals”. What was not available before, now is: a complete book, serving as e reference guide and practical management masterpiece, on egg production! In English. For all egg producers (and lovers) worldwide.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance, and more even so the responsibility, men and women in our sector such as Dr. Piet Simons, have to share their knowledge, pro-deo. Young farmers such as Scovia in Rwanda need it and deserve it. And with her many fellow egg producers around the world. They are passionate about eggs, like I am. The key difference is: I only eat them, they produce them. So what can we do as egg lovers? The recoomendation is simple. Take some Egg signal books with you, every time, wherever you go and hand them out. That’s how we can contribute. The more the better. It’s never enough.

Ruwan Berculo

Manager VIV worldwide

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