Aldi suspends egg sales in Germany

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Aldi has pulled all eggs from its stores in Germany, citing fears related to the egg contamination crisis in the Netherlands.

About 180 Dutch egg producers have been temporarily shut down, after traces of fipronil were found in the eggs. Fipronil is a pesticide that is used to treat for lice and ticks, but the substance is illegal to use with chickens in the Netherlands. In at least one case, enough fipronil was found to represent an “acute danger” to human health.

While other European supermarkets have stopped the distribution of eggs from affected operations, Aldi is the first to stop selling all eggs as a precautionary measure.

‘This is merely a precaution, there is no reason to assume there are any health risks,’ the company said in a statement.

Aldi has roughly 4,000 grocery stores in Germany.

Aldi Supermarket Chain Withdraws All Its Eggs In Germany Over Contamination Fears

The Aldi supermarket chain is pulling all eggs from its shelves in Germany over fears of insecticide contamination. The egg crisis is believed to have originated in Belgium in June and was then detected in the Netherlands, according to The Associated Press. Millions of eggs have been recalled in those countries.

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Aldi pulls eggs from German stores over fipronil poison fear

Supermarket giant Aldi has withdrawn all eggs from sale from its stores in Germany as they may have been contaminated by insecticide. Tests showed that the chemical fipronil, which can harm people’s kidneys, liver and thyroid glands, was found in eggs from the Netherlands. Fipronil is used to treat lice and ticks in chickens.

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Aldi pulls eggs from German stores over insecticide scandal (AFP)

Berlin (AFP) – German discount supermarket giant Aldi said Friday it was pulling all the eggs from its shelves in the country over an insecticide scandal stemming from the Netherlands. The chain said it was making the move ‘purely as a precaution’ but acknowledged it could lead to ‘market shortages’ for eggs in Europe’s top economy as the impact of the affair widened.

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